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Growing up in Milwaukee, the Third Ward was a rundown area of town.

In the late 80's, my mom and dad were some of the first to go in, renting the unfinished cavernous offices that offered so much potential. I remember Einer Tangen coming into my dad's office and unrolling the plans for the Milwaukee Public Market. And my mom working with the City and others to help jump start development down there...It was also the first time I heard of a Business Improvement District. The seeds were sown for my current life in so many ways. So cool to see vision come to fruition

Block, Street & Building Vol. 2 | 2016 by Arkansas Times - issuu

Hot off the presses! I was delighted to be the special editor of this edition of the Block,Street & Building annual publication from the Arkansas Times. A magazine focusing on New Urbanism in Arkansas, this issue celebrates small, incremental development...a movement championed by the likes of the folks at the Incremental Development Alliance and many others. Small businesses and incremental developers are a community's heartbeat. ‪#‎dnaofplace‬

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